"Don't be fooled by how effortlessly cool these guys seem - they are badass, they mean business & they have a stage show to match" - Nicki Mirage @ KNM Presents

4 angry queers from London.

Their story:

Head lyric spitter and guitar slinger, Jasmine Damaris (Jaz), hails from the Isle of Wight. As a teen, she became frustrated with the claustrophobic island and had her heart set on moving to London and starting a band.


So that's exactly what she did.


Damaris found her very own Kim Deal in Liam Callaghan. She bought him a bass and in no time, boy be slappin’ strings like it ain’t no-thing. Via Fb, Damaris found the awesome shredder Maddie Vining, pun-maker with mad skills. The 3 of them formed their dream band: Spit Sisters. (The name came from their first rehearsal, where they joked about how they were all so nervous at first but by the end, they felt like family - blood brothers - or more aptly, SPIT SISTERS!)


After a few weeks of rehearsing, Damaris got in touch with the insanely cool Sara Rose Boxall, who could drum you into next year, next century, even!

Spit Sisters released their first single, Weak, on 5.6.2020. 

"Deep, dank & cathartic. Spit Sisters bring us an immersive first single encouraging listeners to soak in the depths of their emotions" - Lori Meyers @ KNM Presents


Their songs are unique yet catchy, angry yet poetic, with a groove you can really sink your teeth into.

So come to their next gig and get moshing...